Aquilaria Oud Cells Refill (30gm)

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Deep within Southeast Asia's verdant rainforests, a captivating fragrance unfurls amidst the noble Aquilaria tree—a testament to the smoldering essence of transformation.
Aquilaria, ignited by the flames of change, stands as a breathless force of sensory elegance, conscious Oud innovation, and ethical sourcing. Named after this arboreal aristocrat, Aquilaria embodies the power of Shay, carrying the echoes of ancient secrets and whispers of the rainforest's heart. In a world where the allure of Oud flourished, the Aquilaria found itself at a crossroads.
Over-harvested and endangered, it's Oud who often falls victim to illegal extraction, leaving scars in the heart of the rainforests. But then, Anfasic stepped into the spotlight, becoming a torchbearer of conscious Oud innovation and ethical sourcing. Anfasic became a guardian, a steward, ensuring that every drop of Oud told a story of harmony, preservation, and reverence for the earth.
Aquilaria by Anfasic, now an emblem of conscious Oud, is attributed to the beauty and pulsating dynamism of nature's finest gift—a journey ignited by the spark of change and propelled by the relentless force of Shay.

Fragrance Note: Oud
Scent: Pure Oud
Key Details: Oud, 30gm, by Anfasic Dokhoon
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