Hob Qadeem (65ml)
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Hob Qadeem (65ml)

Dhs. 1,025.00

Brand Khaltat

Creator's Inspiration

Unspoken Love.

Hob Qadeem “Things that are left unsaid stay with you forever” A love so strong it carries a powerful connection that runs deep within. Unseen, but felt through your mind, body and heart. A silent love, burning with passion. Forever growing. Forever with you. Hob Qadeem is the love that you carry within, deep, unforgettable, wise & passionate. It is a silent love, burning with passion that grows forever and stays with you forever. The scent is to inspire every soul, as everyone carries their own type of unspoken love. The scent will forever be tied to your unspoken love.

Scent: Woody

Fragrance Note: Mysterious Neroli, Obsessive Myrrh, Romantic Oud

Key Details: Perfume, 65ml, by Khaltat

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