Shaykh Shay Perfume (75ml)
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Shaykh Shay Perfume (75ml)

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SHAYKH SHAY & SHAYKHA SHAY SHAY are iconic scents by Anfasic Dokhoon that are inspired by the great visionary leaders of the UAE.
It took us 15 years to rework these beautiful oils and to transform them into exquisite perfumes.

Shaykh Shay features spicy and woody notes. Ingredients include infused cardamom, desert sage (native to the region) and a special blend of ‘wise oud’.

Fragrance Notes: Infused Cardamom, Desert Savage, Wise Oud
Key Details: Perfume, 75ml, Limited Edition, by Anfasic Dokhoon
Scent: Emarati

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