Shaydays Collection
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Shaydays Collection

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Every day is a new day, SHAY on!

Inspired by the rays of a morning sunshine, this collection of six diverse fragrances is designed to give you a different sparkle every day of the week: a refreshing natural vibe with Hareer, a warm and cozy sweet note with Sukar, the universal softness of Misch, the bubbly energy of WOW, the dreamy hopes in Wishay, the bold power of Waid oud create the petals of this beautifully scented week and find their heart in the burning essence of Shay Being oud.


  • Waid Oud EDP 30 ml
  • Hareer EDP 30 ml
  • Mis'ch EDP 30 ml
  • Wow EDP 30 ml
  • Sukar EDP 30 ml
  • Wishay EDP 30 ml
  • Shay Being Oud Muattar 50 gms

Key details: Spray 6x30ml & Oud 50gms by Anfasic Dokhoon

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