Aliya'E Parfum (50ml)
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Aliya'E Parfum (50ml)

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Creator's Inspiration

Aliya’E represents a positive emotional space that you always want to be in, a beautiful, peaceful, perfect state of mind that is always determined, motivated, growing. This mindset ensures that you keep rising and improving to grow with it.

Aliya’EE stands for Ego, 

Ego is our greatest strength and weakness, it can push us up or damage us. It is defined as a person’s sense of self-importance. It gives us the ability to push and do things we’re fearful of and staying resilient when things go wrong. When used well, an ego can also help us grow.

Scent: Floriental

Fragrance Note: Cashmere, Iris, Lily of the Valley

Key Details: Perfume, 50ml, by Hind Al Oud

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