Luban Shay Shay (100gm) - from Anfasic Dokhoon
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Luban Shay Shay (100gm)

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Frankincense cleans, heals and transforms. Anfasic Dokhoon brings back to life this eternal resin in a ‘Shay’ way!
  • CLEANSE: The scented smoke clears away germs and negative vibrations.
  • HEAL: It eases pain and tension thanks to its relaxing and soothing qualities. It is also known for aiding cellular renewal, helping to heal wounds: both emotional and physical.
  • TRANSFORM: Calming, its deepening effect on breathing encourages harmony and well-being.

Scent: Floriental

Perfumery Notes: Apples, Jasmine, Vanilla.

Key details: Luban, 100g, by Anfasic Dokhoon

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