Crimson (50ml)
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Crimson (50ml)

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Creators Inspiration

Crimson is a spiritual perfume that unleashes your emotions. With a Fruity, floral scent, the depth and clarity of Blackcurrant arch over the aromatic, fresh scent of the Green Tea top note, infusing the fragrance with emotion. The base is a specila, signature Hind Al Oud blend, Hilal's Wood, blends of pure Oud form different origins to highlight a precious note.

Crimson encourages feelings of royalty, compassion and spiritually. It inspires intuitive and idealistic thinking. 

Scent: Floriental Charismatic Spiritual and Magnificent

Fragrance Note: Green Tea, Black Current, Hilal's Wood

Key Details: Perfume, 50ml, by Hind Al Oud

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